She is a protagonist in Legends of Capital City.


During her first day of kindergarten, she saw Mason alone and decided to sit with him. They became friends in an instant. When recess started, she pulled him by the arm to the jungle gym. Jerry told them to get off so he could play on it. But, Mason began to punch him until Abbey begged him to stop. Since Mason didn't stop, Abbey threw him all the way to the sand box. After Recess was over, Abbey went to Mason who was still sitting there. Mason told her she didn't have to sit with him. Surprisingly, Abbey still thought of him as a friend and decided to keep him from beating up on other kids too much. After a while, they became a prominent force at the school, keeping it clean and stop bullying. 

Abbey is the reason Mason got interested in Vanguard. One day, she dropped her deck before recess ended and Mason picked them up for her. She went to her first tournament with Mason. She made it to the final round before being beaten by Shiro Jucheng. She was hospitalized due to Shiro's attack having an adverse affect on her. She wanted to give up cardfighting, but Mason wanted to help her. They both worked on her deck up until the next tournament had begun. This time, Abbey defeated Shiro and won. She was grateful for what Mason did for her and gained confidence because of it, which led to her continuing to play. She moved a couple of months later, making Mason a loner for 11 years. She never forgot about him and continued to reconstruct her deck and become a better cardfighter.

She met Mason again at the shop tournament when he dropped his registration form. She changed so much he could hardly recognize her. After Mason remembered who she was, they finally reunited and went back to being friends. They later found out they would be on the same team for Regionals.


She is strong-willed and somewhat tomboyish. She is quite patient wih those around her, especially when they need help with their deck. She is quite devious when Mason says or does something wrong, throwing him to far distances to teach him a lesson. She also cares for Mason's well-being while he cardfights and in their everyday activities. Leading to the possibility she has a crush on him.


Her ace clan is Murakumo. During a duration of the series, she focused on Mandala Lord. She does, however switch to Shirayuki after Osamaru shows her the true power of the Murakumo clan in Chapter 21.


Kunoichi Scarf2
Kunoichi Scarf: 
Acts as a scarf when not in use.


  • Picture was created on a game called Anime Character Creator 3.


Record (LoCC)


Chapter(s) Outcome
Sai Yamato 8 Win
Trevor Holtzworth 9 Win
Unknown Fighter 10 Win
Shiro Jucheng (flashback) 10 Lose
Mason Shepard (flashback) 10 Win (x12)
Mason Shepard (flashback) 10 Lose (x4)
Shiro Jucheng (flashback) 10 Win
Mason Shepard 10 Win
Badabang 16 Win
Sol Cambridge & Luna Cambridge (w/ Mason) 20 Win
Osamaru 21 Win
Annabeth Soryu 24 Lose
Kurogane 36 Win
Charleston von Hercule 37 Lose
Mason Shepard 40 Undetermined

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