She is an antagonist in Legends of Capital City.


She was adopted by Charley's parents 13 years prior to the beginning of the series. She found out she was part of the Soryu family when she found the deck that was left with her when she was first adopted. She had her first cardfight with Trevor and won using Navalgazer Dragon's Limit Break twice in one turn to increase its power by 6000 before attacking. After she had won, Trevor kindly bought her three boxes of the 8th set and her brother two boxes of the third extra set. They became friends and then formed Team Gaia Saviors. After Shiro had asked to join, demonstrated his Psyqualia, and defeated them, she began to doubt her abilities and let him join. She became more ambitious after Trevor quit, mostly through her "hate" for him.


She is serious about cardfighting, finding ways to make her deck stronger every chance she gets. She cares about her brother regardless of their relation. She has a craving for fish, which Charley doesn't like the smell of.

She admitted to liking Trevor in Chapter 38.


She uses Aqua Force. She focuses mainly on Hydro Hurricane Dragon.


  • Picture was created on a game called Anime Character Creator 3.

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