This is wrong!! The Battle Royale rule is one of the fan-rule created by HatEmerald. The Battle Royale is just like normal cardfights but with the following exceptions:

  1. Instead of 1-on-1 per match, it's 1 vs 1 vs 1 per match.
  2. The player who goes 'third/last' turn may attack first.
  3. One player cannot interruptted a battle by guarding & can only guard himself/herself.
    • Example: Player A cannot guard Player C when Player B attacks Player C. Player C can only guard for himself.
  4. Players must not target each other at any rounds of turn. Situations like Player A target Player B & vise versa in a round of turn is not allowed. So Players must target each other like so >>

    Red: 1st Turn
    Blue: 2nd Turn

  5. Players must change their attack targets from time to time. Although, the first player is the one who can only choose his/her first target.
    • Example: Player A have choose to target at Turn 1. Eventually, Player A decided to attack Player C's units at Turn 1 so Player A have to attack Player B's target at his next turn, regardless the situation.

Warning: This is a Fanmade Rule so DO NOT USE!!!

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