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All rules must be obeyed, no matter the necessity of it. Those who do not shall be punished! Ride! Conviction Dragon, Chromejailer Dragon!

—Blair, Riding Conviction Dragon, Chromejailer Dragon

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Blair "Blackmane" Loh is a character created by Bznboy.


Formerly known as "Blackmane Witch" in Cray, Blair learnt about the impending doom of Cray from Spectral Duke Dragon. Ezel had came up with a plan with Tatsunagi Takuto to repel Void from completely comsuming Cray, to which Spectral Duke agreed to. However, due to the low levels of trust between the Black Horse troop and the rest of the Gold Paladins, Spectral Duke requested Blair to accompany Ezel, which Ezel agreed to.

On Earth, Blair befriended Ceolwulf Loh at PSY, who was helping Tatsunagi to defend the United Sanctuary lands from the Dragon Empire and Dark Zone. Blair decided to help Ceolwulf while observing Tatsunagi.

As the plan continued, Ezel and Tatsunagi realised that Void has possessed Leon and was planning to encroach onto the pocket dimension for the humans on Earth to fight Void at. Communicating with Ceolwulf via Blair's magic, Ezel asked Ceolwulf to enter the space and delay Void while Aichi defeats Leon, who was holding a small amount of Void's power.


Blair is normally serious, frequently causing arguments with Ceolwulf. She's always criticizing the players she fight against, which is why she's both disliked and admired. Once, she told Katsumi Morikawa to "eviscerate his own deck" simply because of the deck's imbalance. She's also taken to call him "Make-umi".


Blair uses a Gold Paladin deck with Convicting Dragon, Chromejailer Dragon as her ace.




You've better listen to me when I'm talking...

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