Booster Set 1 (Kah How): Arrival of the Guardians is the first Booster Set made by Hat Emerald.


The package illustration is of Evan Bao Lei with Glacier Barrier, Balien behind him.

The Booster's Slogan is "Those who protects are the true Victor"

  • Includes 50 cards (47 new cards & 3 reprints)
  • A new clan Channel Zero is introduced.
  • Includes support for Crystal Reefs.
  • Includes Limit Break Units.

Card ListEdit

Code Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity
BSKH-1/01 Goddess of Winter Reefs, Undinale 3 Crystal Reefs RRR
BSKH-1/02 Glacier Barrier, Balien 3 Crystal Reefs RRR
BSKH-1/03 Elite Action Actor, Revillion 3 Channel Zero RRR
BSKH-1/04 Crimson Queen of Dreams, Grindinella 3 Channel Zero RRR
BSKH-1/05 School Swarm, Ravine 3 Crystal Reefs RR
BSKH-1/06 Monsterous Sea Wyrm, Troglotes 3 Crystal Reefs RR
BSKH-1/07 Glacier Protector, Fangyu 2 Crystal Reefs RR
BSKH-1/08 Crystal Barrier, Flurst 1 Crystal Reefs RR
BSKH-1/09 Stingray Blockade 1 Crystal Reefs RR
BSKH-1/10 Film Monster, Savage Mutant 3 Channel Zero RR
BSKH-1/11 Film Monster, Cruel White 2 Channel Zero RR
BSKH-1/12 Portal Travel Guide, Kina 2 Channel Zero RR
BSKH-1/13 Film Monster, Fluffy Cutie 1 Channel Zero RR
BSKH-1/14 Television Nightmare Phantom 1 Channel Zero RR
BSKH-1/15 The Great Mage of the Winter Reef, Chilmerd 3 Crystal Reefs R
BSKH-1/16 Reef Knight, Yatchian 3 Crystal Reefs R
BSKH-1/17 Reef Knight Adiose 2 Crystal Reefs R
BSKH-1/18 Glacier Guardian, Souho 1 Crystal Reefs R
BSKH-1/19 Reef Knight Loyster 1 Crystal Reefs R
BSKH-1/20 Glacier Shield, Beike 0 Crystal Reefs R
BSKH-1/21 Action Actor, Gearte 3 Channel Zero R
BSKH-1/22 Action Actor, Streax 2 Channel Zero R
BSKH-1/23 Living Cartoon, Big Friendly Castle 2 Channel Zero R
BSKH-1/24 Action Actor, Alex 1 Channel Zero R
BSKH-1/25 Living Cartoon, Mallet Yak 1 Channel Zero R
BSKH-1/26 Hollow Director of Channel Zero 0 Channel Zero R
BSKH-1/27 Reef Knight, Flaggan 3 Crystal Reefs C
BSKH-1/28 Reef Knight, Sailliorn 3 Crystal Reefs C
BSKH-1/29 Coral Guard, Lethan 2 Crystal Reefs C
BSKH-1/30 Swift Halberd, Lambert 2 Crystal Reefs C
BSKH-1/31 Icy Water Maiden, Rlixana 2 Crystal Reefs C
BSKH-1/32 Coral Guard, Levis 1 Crystal Reefs C
BSKH-1/33 Icy Water Maiden, Dreia 1 Crystal Reefs C
BSKH-1/34 Penguin Squad Alpha 1 Crystal Reefs C
BSKH-1/35 Frost Sea Guard, Porl 0 Crystal Reefs C
BSKH-1/36 Armored Seahorse Transport 0 Crystal Reefs Critical C
BSKH-1/37 Night Patrol Angler 0 Crystal Reefs Stand C
BSKH-1/38 Defense Tortoise 0 Crystal Reefs Draw C
BSKH-1/39 "Buffet Time" Host, Mr. Big 3 Channel Zero C
BSKH-1/40 Dream Actor, Floris 3 Channel Zero C
BSKH-1/41 Rocking Musician 2 Channel Zero C
BSKH-1/42 Dream Actor, Lile 2 Channel Zero C
BSKH-1/43 Fashion Magician, Sarail 2 Channel Zero C
BSKH-1/44 Living Cartoon, Bunniez 1 Channel Zero C
BSKH-1/45 Dream Actor, Ferren 1 Channel Zero C
BSKH-1/46 Master of Stunts, Olbert 1 Channel Zero C
BSKH-1/47 Studio Security Drone 0 Channel Zero Critical C
BSKH-1/48 Breaktime Lunch Lady 0 Channel Zero Stand C
BSKH-1/49 Script Writing Master 0 Channel Zero Draw C
BSKH-1/50 Make-up Master 0 Channel Zero Heal C

Clan/Grade BreakdownEdit

Clan Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Total
Crystal Reefs 5 7 5 8 25
Channel Zero 5 7 7 6 25

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