Booster Set 2 (Kah How): Return of the Seekers is the 2nd Booster Set made by Hat Emerald.


The package illustration is of the Night Parades main members standing side by side (left to right: Viola WaarheidEvan Bao Lei & Henry Kingdoms.

The Booster's Slogan is "Those who hold the Truth had now Returned"

Card ListEdit

Code Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity
BSKH-2/01 Blue Balien All-Unleashed 3 Crystal Reefs SP
BSKH-2/02 No.1 Fan-Favourite Reporter, Laiwinqe 3 Channel Zero SP
BSKH-2/03 Artic Zonekeeper, Blue Balien 3 Crystal Reefs RRR
BSKH-2/04 Cerulean Reef Sword, Khouseal 3 Crystal Reefs RRR
BSKH-2/05 All-Out Live Reporter, Shantill 3 Channel Zero RRR
BSKH-2/06 The HIVE, Artillery Tyrant 3 Megacolony RRR
BSKH-2/07 The HIVE, Seven-Sword Wasp 3 Megacolony RRR
BSKH-2/08 Coralian Oxiton 3 Crystal Reefs RR
BSKH-2/09 Coral Maiden, Ririll 2 Crystal Reefs RR
BSKH-2/10 Master of Show-Times, Sir William 3 Channel Zero RR
BSKH-2/11 Queen of Showtime, Madame Mallisa 3 Channel Zero RR
BSKH-2/12 Lucky Reporter, Kasse 1 Channel Zero RR
BSKH-2/13 Queen of The HIVE, Gold Pollen Empress 3 Megacolony RR
BSKH-2/14 The HIVE, Paralyze Madonna 1 Megacolony RR
BSKH-2/15 The HIVE, Agent Firefly 1 Megacolony RR
BSKH-2/16 Turquoise Reef Sword, Evarn 2 Crystal Reefs R
BSKH-2/17 Blue Reef Sword, Tripond 1 Crystal Reefs R
BSKH-2/18 Green Reef Sword, Ricks 0 Crystal Reefs R
BSKH-2/19 Brave Reporter, Zavio 3 Channel Zero R
BSKH-2/20 The "Chrome Requiem" Battleroid 3 Channel Zero R
BSKH-2/21 Serious Reporter, Daniel 2 Channel Zero R
BSKH-2/22 Daring Reporter, Benton 2 Channel Zero R
BSKH-2/23 Cool Reporter, Kyee 1 Channel Zero R
BSKH-2/24 Little Reporter, Opad 0 Channel Zero R
BSKH-2/25 The HIVE, Crossbow Vesper 3 Megacolony R
BSKH-2/26 The HIVE, Assassin Moth 2 Megacolony R
BSKH-2/27 The HIVE, Magic Mistress 2 Megacolony R
BSKH-2/28 The HIVE, Drill Sting Mosquito 1 Megacolony R
BSKH-2/29 Orange Reef Sword, Solinae 2 Crystal Reefs C
BSKH-2/30 Icy Water Maiden, Minnah 2 Crystal Reefs C
BSKH-2/31 Winter Reef's Caretaker 1 Crystal Reefs C
BSKH-2/32 Icy Water Maiden, Rinna 1 Crystal Reefs C
BSKH-2/33 Red Reef Sword, Linalee 1 Crystal Reefs C
BSKH-2/34 Winter Reef Scoutmaster 0 Crystal Reefs C
BSKH-2/35 Drill-Headed Jellyfish Swarm 0 Crystal Reefs Critical C
BSKH-2/36 Overgrown Coral Fence 0 Crystal Reefs Draw C
BSKH-2/37 Guitar Hound 2 Channel Zero C
BSKH-2/38 Gossiping Reporter, Violetie 2 Channel Zero C
BSKH-2/39 Maraca Racoon 1 Channel Zero C
BSKH-2/40 Nervous Reporter Kyle 1 Channel Zero C
BSKH-2/41 Energetic Reporter, Kaye 1 Channel Zero C
BSKH-2/42 Real-Time Effect Magician 0 Channel Zero C
BSKH-2/43 Costume Design Freak 0 Channel Zero Critical C
BSKH-2/44 Back-up Reporter 0 Channel Zero Critical C
BSKH-2/45 Drum Mouse 0 Channel Zero Stand C
BSKH-2/46 Crazy BGM Editor 0 Channel Zero Stand C
BSKH-2/47 Novice Reporter, Lisale 0 Channel Zero Draw C
BSKH-2/48 Crazy Video Editor 0 Channel Zero Draw C
BSKH-2/49 The HIVE, Worker Ant 0 Megacolony C
BSKH-2/50 The HIVE, Venom Supplier 0 Megacolony Critical C

Clan/Grade BreakdownEdit

Clan Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Total
Crystal Reefs 4 4 4 4 16
Channel Zero 8 5 4 6 23
Megacolony 2 3 2 4 11

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