'Patch V2' is the second booster set created by Bznboy.


  • There are a total of 35 different cards (2 RRR, 6 RR, 10 R, 17 C)
  • Every card in this pack are from the «Jinsei» clan.
  • It is possible to make a single clan deck from this booster set.
  • There are 2 reprinted cards in this set; Syndicate Associate and Syndicate Caporegime

Card ListEdit

Code Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity
BT_II/01 Combat Scientist, Kurolin 3 Jinsei RRR
BT_II/02 Jinsei's Ears, No. 81 3 Jinsei RRR
BT_II/03 Interdimensional Engineer, Deidera 3 Jinsei RR
BT_II/04 Head Scientist, Kurolin 3 Jinsei RR
BT_II/05 Reckless Scientist, Azuna 2 Jinsei RR

Syndicate Hitman

2 Jinsei RR
BT_II/07 Syndicate Soldier 1 Jinsei RR
BT_II/08 Synthetic Guardian, No. 45 1 Jinsei RR
BT_II/09 Syndicate Scientist, Genki 3 Jinsei R
BT_II/10 The Twins, No. 69 2 Jinsei R
BT_II/11 Syndicate Caporegime 2 Jinsei R
BT_II/12 Insanity's Engineer, Deidera 2 Jinsei R
BT_II/13 Inferno Engineer, Blake 2 Jinsei R
BT_II/14 Software Engineer, Shirley 1 Jinsei R
BT_II/15 Bloodthirsty Lass, No. 21 1 Jinsei R
BT_II/16 Life Scientist, Keita 0 Jinsei R
BT_II/17 Life Generator, No. 01 0 Jinsei R
BT_II/18 New Engineer, Deidera 0 Jinsei R
BT_II/19 Communication Scientist, Iris 2 Jinsei C
BT_II/20 Boundless Eye, No. 07 2 Jinsei C
BT_II/21 Syndicate Capobastone, Johnson 2 Jinsei C
BT_II/22 Syndicate Associate 1 Jinsei C
BT_II/23 Biological Scientist, Lucas 1 Jinsei C
BT_II/24 Blizzard Engineer, Frest 1 Jinsei C
BT_II/25 Engineer of the New Generation, Deidera 1 Jinsei C
BT_II/26 Pioneering Scientist, Tira 1 Jinsei C
BT_II/27 Black Cap Engineer, Richard 1 Jinsei C
BT_II/28 Syndicate Janitor, Benedict 0 Jinsei C
BT_II/29 Inactive Beings, No.2 0 Jinsei Stand C
BT_II/30 Internet Intelligence, No. 59 0 Jinsei Stand C
BT_II/31 Augmentation Engineer, Luna 0 Jinsei Critical C
BT_II/32 Chemical Engineer, Navy 0 Jinsei Critical C
BT_II/33 White Cap Scientist, Nicole 0 Jinsei Draw C
BT_II/34 Love Scientist, Leo 0 Jinsei Draw C
BT_II/35 Syndicate Treasurer, Lisana 0 Jinsei Draw C

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