He is a Minor/Supporting character in Legends of Capital City. Possibly a supporting character in Legends of Capital City II.


LoCC: During the shop tournament, he was in the top 16 along with Jerry, Ron and Mike.

LoCC II: Fought Shiro to prove if he was good enough to enter the league.


Brock Chang (Enraged)

LoCC: Him, along with Ron and Mike, are Jerry's gang members. They tend to annoy Jerry or other people around him, leading to him and the other two getting beat up for it. He is, however, supportive of Jerry and Team ED4 whenever they are competing or are in a tight spot.

He doesn't talk that much. He's usually really quiet.

LoCC II: When cardfighting at his best, he becomes more intense, his hair raises up revealing his red eyes, making him look like a wild beast.


Focuses on Grateful Catapult.


Titan Fist

Titan Fist: A robotic prosthetic that attaches to his right arm.


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