A simple spectator at the arena to watch Nova Grappler matches. One day when she was at home, she came across a battleroid whose arm was pulled off. This battleroid happened to be Gold Rutile. She was able to give him a temporary replacement until he was able to get a new arm. She noticed his sword was old and rusty and insisted on making him a new one. It took her an entire year to forge Gold Rutile's ultimate weapon, the Garuda Blade.

He used the sword in his second match against the one who tore off his arm and won with hardly any effort. To show his gratitude, he promised her he would come back if his new sword ever broke or if it's blade ever rusted. But since the blade was not so weak to be broken or rusted after alot of uses, she still waits for when he needs her again. She still watches his matches and greets him after each one. Rumor has it she is in love with the battleroid. Such accusations cause her to fluster. Amazingly, Gold Rutile is the only one unaware of these rumors.

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