The rulings on this card's skill to attack multiple Units at once are the same as the rulings provided for Dragonic Kaiser, Vermillion. These rulings, adapted to Poseidon, are:

  1. Poseidon attacks 2, 4 or 6 Units at one time, depending on the number of cards discarded for his Persona Blast.
  2. Attacked Units cannot Intercept, or activate skills which move them to the Guardian Circle from the field if they have such skills.
  3. You perform only 1 Twin Drive.
  4. Each attacked Unit must be guarded separately.
  5. Perfect Guard Units only work on one attacked Unit per Perfect Guard.
  6. If hit, the skills of Aermo (and clones of Aermo) activate for the number of hits (if Poseidon hits 5 times, you may discard 5 cards and draw 5 cards).
  7. The Persona Blast of Mandala Lord affects every battle Poseidon is involved in. Therefore, it lowers Poseidon's Power by 10000 in all 2, 4 or 6 battles, not just 1.

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