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Random Pages

Welcome to this wikia. This wikia is a fanon wikia for Cardfight!! Vanguard, fanon wikias contain information non-canon to the actual merchandise, so anything that isn't official from the actual Cardfight!! Vanguard site may go here.

Pages for this site have been used to create Fanmade Rules, Cards, Clans, Nations, Fanfictions and is not limited to such. Our wikia will allow you to create pages as long as they and you abide to our Rules. If assistance is required, feel free to contact the admins.

Help Creating Cards

All you have to do to create a card page is:

  1. Find the "Contribute" Button in the Top Right
  2. Choose the "Add a Page" button
  3. Choose a Blank Page
  4. Name your Page
  5. Scroll Down to Templates and choose 'Add Other Templates'
  6. Pick the CardTable Template.
  7. Make sure you read through the Help:Established Standards and Help:CardTable Template.

Other Templates

Other than the CardTable template, we have other Templates. These will make it easier for you type up the effects and sets. All information is explained here. If you'd like to have a set become easier for you to put up, please contact Eronan either via the Blog Post or via Message Wall. List of Templates we have there are the LB (Limit Break), Forerunner and Lord.

Custom Triggers

If really needed, you may ask for your Custom Trigger to put up onto the CardTable for you. However, Custom Triggers will be asked to have been balanced out first before being added.

Start Creating

Do you know what you need to do now? If so, then start creating! Clans, Cards, Nations, Fanfiction, Booster Packs and Characters!!

Active Admins

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