Welcome to the Cardfight!! Vanguard Fanon Wikia. This wikia is designed for you to share creations from Cardfight!! Vanguard.

Pages for this site have been used to create new mechanics, cards, clans, nations, fanfictions and is not limited to such. Our wikia will allow you to create pages as long as they and you abide to our Rules. If assistance is required, feel free to contact the admins.

Do keep in mind that properly adding categories to your page will make it so that others will be able to see the page easier. This especially applies to the categories to the right.

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If you wish to start creating a page. Just click on the button on the top right with a picture of a page on it! Then name your page and put in the appropriate template for your page. You do this by typing in "{{" and choosing the template you need.

If you want to help out the admins by providing less work. You can read up in the help pages on how to categorize your page.

Help Pages

This is a list of help pages made for your convenience. If you have any other aditional questions relating to creating a page on the wikia, do not hesitate to contact an admin.

Active Admins

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