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The restrained beast that is Ronzo's champion, enter the field and lead your forces to victory! I ride, my Avatar, Village Commander, Moses!

—Ceolwul Lo, Riding Village Commander, Moses

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Ceolwulf Loh is a character created by Bznboy. He's an easy-going person whose friendly with everyone.


Ceolwulf's family migrated to Japan sometime before he was born. Hence he believes himself as Japanese person rather than a foreigner. He met Daigo at one of the cardshops near his school, and became quick friends with him. Sometime passed and Daigo later began a well know cardfighter with Ceol as his partner (much to his chargin, Ceol thinks himself as a rival of Daigo). The duo had a final determinating match on whose better a few days before Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 2 started, with Ceolwulf winning the match. This cause Daigo to get caught in a space-time warp instead of him. Takuto sent him a message to talk about Daigo, where he finds out about the sealing of the major clans and a small village working for independance. There he took the clan Ronzo Resistance and began using them to in fights.

Ceolwulf's interest in Vanguard began after his first fight with Daigo, where Daigo was teaching him how to play vanguard. Seeing the battles between Daigo and his opponents, he wondered if he could become good enough to stand by Daigo's side.


Ceolwulf is a laid-back, easy-going kid who takes life with a pinch of salt. He tends to be blunt and naive, once telling Kai that he wasn't going to have a fun life if he keeps that attitude, provoking Kai after Kai commented that he did not think too far ahead in life. He tends to fuss over the smallest things, or overthink this when asked to.


Ceolwulf uses a Royal Paladin Deck initially, aiming for a full field of Snogal with Fang of Light, Garmore as the vanguard and Swordsman of the Exploding Flames, Palamedes to his last slot. This allows him to reach high powers against all sort of opponents. However ever since the Royal Paladins were sealed away, he has turned to a Ronzo Resistance Deck with a similar build to his first one.




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