Chaos Pantheon is a clan that focuses on locking enemy rear guards and punishing them for it, also to gain more cards in soul to gain more power and attack more times with higher damage and to call units from soul and do guerilla attacks. The theme of this clan is european demons and evil polytheistic gods, the clan is compatible with Pale moon, Dark Irregulars and Link joker cards.

Sets containing Chaos Pantheon cardsEdit

Trial DecksEdit

  • D5 Trial Deck 1: Rise of the Undead Evil
  • D5 Trial Deck 2: Demiurge's Revenge
  • D5 Trial Deck 3: Izanami and Hades

Booster SetsEdit

  • D5 Booster Set: Evil Lust
  • D5 Booster Set: Origin of Evil
  • D5 Booster Set: Polytheistic Hell

Races Edit

Unique Races Edit

  • Demon Gods
  • Vampire Gods
  • Evil Supreme Gods
  • Evil God Beast
  • Destruction God
  • Creation God

Shared Races Edit

  • Vampire
  • Elf
  • Demon
  • Chimera
  • Warbeast
  • Succubus
  • Ghost
  • Abyss Dragon

Cards Edit

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