He is an antagonist in Legends of Capital City.


He is first seen at a shop yelling at Trevor after he had lost to him in a cardfight. He tries to keep his sister, Anna, from fighting Trevor in his stead. He watches their fight and is astounded by her skills on her final turn against Trevor, being able to use Navalgazer Dragon's Limit Break twice, giving it 6000 Power before it were to attack. She won and he congradulated her.

They both introduced themselves to Trevor and became friends afterward. After a couple of weeks, they formed Team Gaia Saviors. After Shiro came and beat them all, they are astonished at the power of his Psyqualia. Charley and Anna decided to have him join their team. Trevor walked out on them afterward, with Charley trying to calm 


He has quite the temper, as he doesn't like to be insulted/threatened by others. He is headstrong, leading him to train harder for upcoming competitions, harming himself physicaly in the process. He cares deeply about Anna like she were her sister at birth, even though she was adopted. They tend to argue, especially with Anna's cravings for fish, which he hates the smell of.


He uses a Megacolony deck, focusing on decreasing the number of attacks his opponent can pull off next turn.


  • The picuture was created on a game called Anime Character Maker 3.

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