The Cosmic Realm is a clan that's located at a unknown point near the star gate nation that's pulsing infinite amount of energy. The Cosmic Realm is known to be a gathering of the ancient people of cray developing future technology. The Cosmic Real clan is leaded by Cosmos Dragonic Burst Kaiser. The clan focuses on gaining hand advantage through unique way such as retiring rear guards,swicthing cards from hand and the one in the soul. Recently the Cosmic warriors archetype was introduced it is focused on gaining hand advantages from retiring and calling rear guards.

Sets containing cards from Cosmic RealmEdit

Booster SetsEdit

Booster set X%^: Impulse of the mountain of cosmos

Booster set %^%@:The Awakening of the lords of dragon

Booster set ^&*: The Final Light

Booster set^&*8:Empire of the workings

Extra Booster sets:

Extra Booster set^^%:Cosmic Light & Shadow of the Black Rings

List of CardsEdit

Grade 0:

Sky-Ripping Dracokid (Cosmos Dragon)

Master of Flames (Stand) (Human) 

Thunderclap Warrior (Critical) (Elf)

Ancient Microphone (Draw) (Object)

Sage of Revival (Heal) (Elf)

Little Cosmos Warrior,Tapferkeit (Human)

Cosmos Warrior Embelm (Stand) (Object)

Ether Cosmos Warrior (Critical) (Noble)

Lucky Cosmos Warrior (Draw) (Human)

Cosmos Warrior Nurser (Heal) (Noble)

Infinite Amount Calculator (Object)

Engine Core Dragon (Fake Dragon)

Hellfire Table (Critical) (Object)

Hero's Flag (Stand) (Object)

Grade 1:

Sky-Breath Dragon (Cosmos Dragon)

Mechanical Dragon,Taufurus (Fake Dragon)

Hellspeed Cosmos Warrior (Human)

Cosmos Warrior Knight (Human)

Undenifying Shield,Reytrun (Demon)

Cosmic Warrior (Noble)

Laser Trap Cosmos Warrior (Human)

Cosmos Warrior of Night (Lizardman)

Lady Knight of the Cosmos warrior (Human)

Cosmos Warrior Infinite Shield,Nobelium (Element)

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