Consists of Ice/Water units like Aquaroids, Kraken & Mermaid. This clan's unique race are Sea-Beast (Aquatic versions of Hi-Beast) & Marina (Aquatic Dryads & Sea Plants). Their specialty are defense, special defense & can gain effects from successfully doing so. They can also increase their defense by decreasing the attack of their opponents on their turn.

This clan also features a unique location called Winter Reefs, a paradise protected by the Crystal Reefs.

This clan is used by Evan Bao Lei.


Boosters SetEdit

Trial DeckEdit


Unique RacesEdit

  • Marina
  • Sea-Beast

Shared RaceEdit

  • Aquaroid
  • Noble
  • Tear Dragon



Grade 0 Edit

Grade 1 Edit

Grade 2 Edit

Grade 3Edit

Grade 4 Edit

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