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Eternal Spirit
Nation Name
Kanji エターナル・スピリット
Rōmaji Etānaru Supiritto
English Eternal Spirit
Clan Divine Spirit
Heroic Spirit
Wicked Spirit
Races God

The Eternal Spirit (エターナル・スピリット, Etānaru Supiritto) is a hidden clan filled with Divine Spirit, Heroic Spirit and Wicked Spirit clans almost equally. The founder of the clan is unknown but all of the members are well known in both world due to their real existence in the Planet Cray and Earth.

In Cardfight Vanguard, they are widely known for their "jack of all trade, master of all" effect. Their effects are varying from cards to cards even though staying in the same clan.


Under Construction...


  • Divine Spirit
  • Heroic Spirit
  • Wicked Spirit


  • Created based on the Heroic Spirit idea from Type/moon's fate franchise.

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