CHERRY BLOSSOMS EVERYWHERE! I ride, Goddess of Cherry Blossoms, Sakuya!

—Gisei Yagi, riding her avatar card

Gisei Yagi is an original character created by Sensiren. She is a cheerful and optimistic person who doesn't give up even when she loses.

[The deck she uses belonga to Bushiroad, and hence doesn't belong to me. The picture as well.]


Gisai Yagi's family was born in Akihabara, a place where loads of shopping happens. Before being familiar with Vanguard yet, she usually focuses on academics, and goes to take extreme measures. When she was walking back home, she met Aichi Sendou, and urged him to enter in. When he entered, she tagged behind as well. While she was looking at Aichi fighting Kai in Card Capital, she decides to make her own deck.

Her interest in Vanguard started while looking at the lean deck that Aichi had built, and soon after Kai's fight, they fought off screen, with Aichi teaching her the basics that Kai taught him.


Initially, she was cold and hardly spoke to anyone in her school, and speaks bluntly when she does speak, giving her the same title that Misaki holds in Miyaji Academy.

When she finally got interested in Vanguard, she was very focused on reading the opponent's possible moves in their turn. However, after Asaka defeats her in a game of Vanguard, she turns light-hearted and hardly cares about winning, as long as she had fun. Asaka commented that she would be a strong fighter someday as well.

She is quite cheeky as well and likes to change her avatar card's ride chant frequently.


She uses the Trial Deck 'TD04; Goddess of the Cherry Blossoms', Sakuya or Meterobreak Wizard being the main card she uses constantly.




As long as we have fun, I don't mind!

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