He is a supporting character in Legends of Capital City.


Not much is known about him other than he was the US National Champ three years before the beginning of the series. 

At the stat of the second series, he almost crashed the plane because of a torn-off turbine, until Amelia came in and saved them.


He's quite clumsy. It's so bad that he ends up affecting everything around him. This is especially evident when he cardfights, leading his opponent to get a bad hand or get grade locked. He apologizes on a hourly basis thanks to his bad luck.

He has alot of respect for his teammates and units. This being apparent in Chapter 35.


He uses Angel Feather. Mostly focusing on Metatron.


  • His last name derives from the mythical creature of the same name.
  • Curtosy of his developement goes to Xophix of Cardfight Vanguard Wikia.

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