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Heroic Spirit
Clan Name
Kanji ヒロイック・スピリット
Rōmaji Hiroikku Supiritto
English Heroic Spirit
Clan Leader Unknown
Nation Eternal Spirit
Races Demigod

The Heroic Spirit (ヒロイック・スピリット, Hiroikku Supiritto) is a clan from the Eternal Spirit nation. They are pretty well known for their great differences in effects, varied from drawing to increasing power or soul charging. The units from this clan are all real historical people from the Earth in Cardfight Vanguard W fan-fiction, nearly identical to the real life. Notable example are Zhao Yun from ancient China and Akechi Mitsuhide from Japan.


An official sub-category of the unit which is only revealed in the new card. But this rule applies on the old card which don't have any faction mark on it.

Three KingdomEdit

  • Shu (7 units, 5 units completed)
  • Wei
  • Wu
  • Jin

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