He is a supporting character in Legends of Capital City and possibly Legends of Capital City II.


LoCC: During his first day of kindergarten, he told Mason and Abbey to get off the Jungle Gym so he could have a turn. Mason started punching him until Abbey threw him all the way to the sand box. He hated Mason from then on, even forming a gang with others who were oppressed by Mason's actions towards them, the Mason Haters.

During the shop tournament, he reached all the way to the top 8 until Mason had beat him. Mason then gave the kay to punch him as payback for 11 years ago. Sai interrupted this, thinkig Jerry was going to punch Mason for a diferent reason. Him and his gang now began to support Mason. He even became part of their group to help with Mason's deck.

LoCC II: He introduced himself to Toby after a League Tournament in New York was announced.


He came off as a simple high school thug until Mason stopped him from hurting Sai. Once Mason apologized for beating him up, Jerry began to treat Mason like a friend instead of an enemy.

LoCC: His friends, Ron, Mike, and sometimes, Brock, tend to annoy him. Leading to them getting bruises to the head.


Perfect Spiral
Perfect Spiral:
A football lined with spikes.


He uses Spike Brothers as his primary clan. He focuses on General Seifried, then Dudley Emperor.



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