She is a Supporting/Minor Character in Legends of Capital City.


Ever since creating her other persona, Beau-K, she traveled throughout the country stealing artifacts and technology in museums. Jerry was finally able to stop her by beating her in a cardfight. She promised to come back whenever she returned all the objects she had stolen.

It was revealed in Chapter 27 that she had stolen a tablet 3 years prior to the story.



Beau-K's mask

She is confident in her abilities as a thief and as a cardfighter. She scared Jerry's gang so similar as he does that they saw her as his female equal (his girlfriend in simpler terms). She is hasty, never thinking things out too much unless it's absolutely necessary. After meeting Jerry, she is willing to slack off once in a while (thinking he's is the best "excuse"), taking in the scenery that is around her.


She uses Pale Moon. Focusing on Luquier's Limit Break.


  • Curtosy towards her development goes to DandelionWings
  • Her last name derives from a minor spell in Harry Potter

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