She is a supporting character in Legends of Capital City.


She comes from a native village in the forest outside of Capital City that worship Garmore like a deity. After the Gold Paladins arrived, the shrines to him have changed, but nobody noticed except her. She refused to change her deck due to her loyalty to the Royal Paladin clan. The elder told her to go out and challenge the White Rabbit so that she may become the chieftain of the tribe. She kidnaps Sai from school and brngs him to the Regionals arena. She lost to Sai, who called her deck overrates. She ran into the mountain pass, where Sai followed her to give back her deck. They had to run off the pass because of a rock slide. She told Sai about her trial and that she would have to efeat him. Sai decided to help her. 


She is not in tune with modern society, but is aware of her surroundings. She gets either embarassed or frustrated when someone calls her his girlfriend. She tends to argue with Jerry on the matter, but otherwise, they get along.


Garmore's Gauntlet
Garmore's Gauntlet: 
Acts as a bladed gauntlet when not in use.


  • Her name is derived from Roman  Mythology. Being named after the she-wolf, Lupas, that mothered Romulus and Remus, the fabled founders of Rome.

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