This clan specialize in Superior Rides to unlock hidden abillities or gain power. This Clan feature monks & some spiritual animals.

Grade 0- Spiritual Hawk Draw Trigger

Power: 5000

Shield: 5000

Spiritual Phoenix Heal Trigger


Shield:5000 Spiritual Wolf Critical Trigger



Spiritual Warrior Stand Trigger

Grade 1- Master of Cold, Hiya

Power: 8000

Shield: 5000

Grade 2- Master of Seas, Nami

Power: 9000

Shield: 5000

Skill: Counterblast 2, When this attack hits, you may pay the cost & search for 1 Grandmaster of Oceans, Umi & add it to your hand.

Grade 3- Grandmaster of Oceans, Umi Power: 10000

Skill: When you have Master of Seas, Nami in your soul, this unit power +3000. When you have Master of Seas, Nami in your soul, this unit gain the following skill: "When a Critical Trigger is revealed during your drive check, this unit critical +1"

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