Pandemonium is an event in the Cardfight!! Vanguard Royale Grand Prix. This event involves beating numbers of Vanguard units from 1000 opponents in a giant mansion.


  1. Player takes turns to select the numbers of units they want to fight in the area & headed in to defeat them.
    • The clan, grade, race & everything the opponents using will be randomized.
    • One opponents defeated equals to one point, regardles of their ranks & abilities.
    • If the player defeated, the points from the previous matches will still be counted as the total earned in the event & player cannot participates again. Also, the points earn in the current match shall be lost.
    • Whenever you start or restart the challenge, your field will be reset to the normal standards (Grade 0 Vanguard, no rearguard, no damage).
  2. The rules are similiar to normal 1 vs 1 fights but with the following changes:
    • The player's end-game damage will be raised to 8 damages while all opponents (Event Enemies) in the mansion is still 6 damages.
    • The player shall be facing fighters with fixed sets of fields, hand, deck & damages (except Deck size) while the player have to start from Grade 0.
      • For example, one opponent can have 5 units including a Grade 1 Vanguard on their field, 3 units in hand & 4 in their damage zone at the start of a match.
    • Besides, you can choose to: move 2 damages back to your deck or send all of units from your drop zone back to your deck; before reshuffling & proceeding forward. Note that all units on your field & in hand will not change after each battle & the next battle will start with that setting.


  1. This game is inspired by Fairy Tail's Pandemonium Event.
  2. There was a pun with the name, since there'll be 1000 opponents in the mansion. Even rule is a pandemonium.

Chong Kah How (talk) 11:14, February 4, 2013 (UTC)

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