Due to many people with many different idea for their own Planet Cray, official page is remained original. If you want to access to fanon Planet Cray, please click Planet

The Planet Cray is an earth-like planet in the lore of Cardfight!! Vanguard. Within the franchise's fictional backstory, cardfighters are said to project themselves onto Cray as astral bodies. According to Kai, these bodies are given two powers; the ability to call and control units, and the ability to possess (ride) a unit as the leader of their army.

Cray's status as an actual planet is real, as revealed in ride 64 when a mysterious force borrows Rekka's body. Kai refers to it as a real place, and Shin suggests that the Vanguard Fight Gloves' crystals originate from Cray. Geography and Politics.

Cray is divided into six nations; the United Sanctuary, Dragon Empire, Star Gate, Dark Zone, Magallanica, and Zoo. Each continent is close enough to another to permit contact, this goes the same for Magallanica, which despite its presence as a landmass is primarily located undersea.

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