Original V Series

Primal Roar
No Symbol
English Primal Roar
日本語 プライマルロア
I. Gift Type Force
Nation Zoo Flag Zoo
Clan Creator Romanoff Blitzer


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After the united forces of Cray i defeated the demiurge and their top enforcer, they had won their freedom. Hazur sent warriors from Cray i to the demiurge's newly created world, both to monitor the demiurge and research the new power of Imaginary Gift.

Prigenus led a small band of warriors into the deep forests of the new Cray from which they cautiously watch Zoo, as they had done in Cray i for centuries before. The band immediately noted their sudden inability to call upon their ancestors with Stride, and Prigenus realized that he would have to rely on his own power.


Main article: Primal Roar#Playstyle

Bringing ridiculously inflated power numbers to a new generation!

Primal Roar likes to smash face with big numbers. Really, really big numbers. No, bigger than that. Even bigger. Keep going. More. No, more. Look, we're talking Zoa and Gyze for jewelry. These numbers are big!

Primal Roar's theme is power. Primal Roar has very few fancy tricks, instead focusing all its efforts on swinging with ridiculously high power numbers. This makes Primal Roar simple to play, as well as consistent; while it has a relative lack of card advantage effects, the cards it draws aren't reliant on combos with other cards.

Along with all of their old (lack of) tricks, Primal Roar now has the ability to manipulate and create Gift Markers with effects, outside of riding a Grade 3 every turn. Primal Roar also has effects that become active depending on the number of Gift Markers you have out. This means that, like its pre-V incarnation, Primal Roar gets more and more powerful as the game goes on as it stacks more and more Gift Markers.

Grade 0

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3