The Royale Grand Prix Games is the main & final event of the Cardfight!! Vanguard Royale Grand Prix. This event's rule is simple- run around the entire field, searching opponents to battle & defeat them to earn points for their total score.

Event LocationEdit

The event takes place in an entire field which consists of buildings of different sizes & structure (town houses to city buildings). The road & enviroment are also like so. All of the the entire details of the field are virtual reality so the participants battle almost everywhere.


The rules are simple. That is to run around the event location, searching for opponents & battle them. Victory will earn your team 1 point; 5 points if the defeated opponent is the team leader while Losing will get the loser disqualifed from the match. The movements of the participants are not restricted so anyone can moves anywhere, solo or not solo. All match will be using 1 vs 1 Match rule, Tag Battle rule & Battle Royale rule.


  1. This event is inspired by Fairy Tail's Grand Magic Games.

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