A protagonist in Legends of Capital City. A cardfighter who one day wants to be World Champion. 


Not much is known about Sai except he was one of the best players in the Shibuya. He moved to Capital City, along with his father, to help spread the fun Vanguard has given Japan. His first day of school was a rocky start when Jerry and his gang jumped him while he was heading home. Mason saved him and his deck. He tried to thank Mason, with his response being that he was lucky he didn't jump him. That same day, Sai was talking to his father, and Mason dropped by their store. His father convinced him to try Vanguard. Him and Mason fought. He was surprised by how much Mason already knew about the game, as Mason didn't even have to read Battleraizer's skill to use it. Sai came close, but lost when Mason rode Gold Rutile.

According to Mason, Sai beat him 20 times after he began playing. Sai won alot of matches at the shop tournament, reaching the top 4 before being beaten by Abbey. After the shop tournament, Sai told Mason, Abbey and Trevor they were going to the Regional tournament in Nevada.


He is very enthusiastic about cardfighting. He has also been known to change his personality based off of what people do/say to him or his friends. This led to him having to chase after Lupa so he could give her deck back after saying it was overrated. 

It is possible he has a crush on her.


He has been using a Gold Paladin deck throughout the series but is known for having used Royal Paladins, according to Chapter 13.


Bunny Bazooka: A weapon type that acts as a bazooka when not in use.


  • Picture was created on a game called Anime Character Creator 3.


Record (LoCC)


Chapter(s) Outcome
Mason Shepard 2-3 Lose
Unknown Fighter 5 Win
Abbey Vulcan 8 Lose
Lupa 13 Win
Unknown Fighter 15 Win
Unknown Destiny Weavers Fighter 16 Win
Ancient Statue 1 & Ancient Statue 2 (w/ Lupa) 18 Win
Osamaru 21 Lose
Charleston von Hercule 25 Lose
Alex Zinos 30 Win
Salty 31 Lose
Mason Shepard 33 Win
Seth Wright 35 Win
Charleston von Hercule 37 Lose

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