He is a supporting Character in Legends of Capital City and Legends of Capital City II.


LoCC: Him, Shiro and Ling lived in a monastery in China training to become priests. One day, he said that he would never respect Shiro and Shiro would never be better than him, making him leave. 

LoCC II: Accompanied Shiro in recruiting Toby to the Foundation after resolving issues with Toby's dog, Baxter.


LoCC: Very serious. During his childhood, he made Shiro feel bad about his average abilities from training as a priest, making him leave one day.


He uses the Seal Drago sub-clan from Kagero.


Ceremonial Seal
Ceremonial Seal: 
An accessory type thats looks similar to bandages covering his body. Wrappings acts like projectiles when released.


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