He is the main antagonist in Legends of Capital City.


He defeated Abbey in her first tournament using what is believed to be Psyqualia from Mason's description. During the next tournament, he is defeated by Abbey. Then, a couple years before the start of the series, he meets the members of Gaia Saviors at the time, Trevor, Anna and Charley. Defeating them all, Anna and Charley have him join so they can win the National Tournament, leading to Trevor's leaving of the team.


He has been shown to use the Narukami clan, focusing mostly on Dungaree.


Ceremonial Mark

Ceremonial Mark: A dragon tattoo that entangles his arm when not in use.


  • Curtosy of his developement goes to JUCHEN
  • Picture was created on a game called Anime Character Creator 3.
  • Shiro in chinese means uncommon, scarce, or rare.
  • He created an information network with revealing information on other players.


Record (LoCC2)


Chapter(s) Outcome
Abbey Vulcan 10 Win
Abbey Vulcan 10 Lose
Trevor Holtzworth 17 Win
Charleston von Hercule 17 Win
Annabeth Soryu 17 Win
Wrecking Ball 28 Win
Mason Shepard 39-40 Lose
Record (LoCC)


Chapter(s) Outcome
Brock Chang 45 Win

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