• Hey I've been away from the wiki for a while but am planing to come back and had a question. Are we allowed to use images with our fan cards?

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    • a) You own the image you wish to use.
      b) You asked the original actual owner of the image you wish to use and the one you asked said 'yes' explicitly. In this case, a proper and appropriate credit must also be given.
      c) The image you wish to use is an official released image of a franchise or fandom that you took yourself, for example, screenshots, or promo images, as long as it is remained unedited and under fair use or creative use without violating anyone.

      As long as the image you wish to use falls under at least one of the three on the list above, it is allowed to be used.

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    • Just to clearify on C a tiny but and I don't want to step on anyones toes by making a careless mistake. Sorry not trying to difficult.

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