He is a Protagonist in Legends of Capital City


10 years prior to the beginning of the series, his mother took ill. She one day called him to her soon-to-be death bed to give him cards she had gathered and made into a deck for a year. After she died, his father turned rather cold and unruly, giving him tasks and not having him take a break until they were executed perfectly. 

During the shop tournament, he treated all of his opponents unfairly. Most of all Wrecking Ball and Mason. During his match with Wrecking Ball, he completely kept his offenses down with Gwynn the Ripper's skill and attack his rearguard. During his fight wth Mason, he reverted Mason's vanguard from Armored Fairy, Shubeila to Beast Deity, White Tiger with Stil Vampir's skill and win the match with almost no problem. His winning streak ended after he was beaten by Abbey during the final match.

He began to show his nicer side when Mason, Abbey and Sai needed help with naming their team. He took them to his house, to find a book in his study to help with the name problem. He told them about how he became so distanced from others and how hanging out with them has changed him.


At first, he was arrogant, thinking no one could be beat him. After his match was Abbey, he began to see the error of his ways. He has a bad temper, this is evident when he sees Anna and Charley at the Regional tournament.

I'ts been implied he has a crush on Anna.


He uses Dark Irregulars throughout the series.



  • Picture was created on a game called Anime Character Creator 3.

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