Trail Deck 2 (Kah How): Harbinger of Ambitions is the 2nd Trail Deck made by Hat Emerald. It features the Megacolony's sub clan, The HIVE.


  • This is a constructed deck built of 50 cards.
    • Including 1 RR & 2 R cards
  • There are 17 different cards.
  • Includes cards used by Henry Kingdoms.
  • This exclusive features from Megacolony clan.

Card ListEdit

Code Quantity Name Grade Clan Trigger
TDKH-2/01 1 Queen of The HIVE, Gold Pollen Empress 3 Megacolony
TDKH-2/02 2 The HIVE, Poison Master Fraude 3 Megacolony
TDKH-2/03 4 The HIVE, White Devil 3 Megacolony
TDKH-2/04 4 The HIVE, Executioners 2 Megacolony
TDKH-2/05 3 The HIVE, Jet Stingers 2 Megacolony
TDKH-2/06 2 The HIVE, Gunmaster Wasp 2 Megacolony
TDKH-2/07 3 The HIVE, Swordmaster Kendo 2 Megacolony
TDKH-2/08 3 The HIVE, Signal Platoon 1 Megacolony
TDKH-2/09 2 Phantom Black 1 Megacolony
TDKH-2/10 4 Phantom Yellow of The HIVE 1 Megacolony
TDKH-2/11 2 The HIVE, Sniping Dragonfly 1 Megacolony
TDKH-2/12 3 The HIVE, Javelin Dragoon 1 Megacolony
TDKH-2/13 1 The HIVE, Worker Ant 0 Megacolony
TDKH-2/14 4 The HIVE, Weapon Manager 0 Megacolony Draw
TDKH-2/15 4 The HIVE, Honeyrain Bee 0 Megacolony Stand
TDKH-2/16 4 The HIVE, Ammo Supplier 0 Megacolony Critical
TDKH-2/17 4 The HIVE, Medical Officer 0 Megacolony Heal

Grade Breakdown:Edit

Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
17 14 12 7

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