Trial Deck I: Rise of Ronzo is property of Bznboy.

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Trial Deck I: Rise of Ronzo is the first Trial Deck created by Bznboy. It features units from the Ronzo Resistance.


  • This is a constructed deck built of 50 cards.
  • There are 17 different cards
  • Includes cards used by Ceolwulf Loh
  • This set exclusively features units from the Ronzo Resistance clan.

Card ListEdit

Code Quantity Name Grade Clan Trigger
TD_I/01 1 Village Commander, Moses 3 Ronzo Resistance
TD_I/02 2 Sniper of Ronzo Resistance, Delia 3 Ronzo Resistance
TD_I/03 4 Town Patrol 3 Ronzo Resistance
TD_I/04 4 Town Sentinel 2 Ronzo Resistance
TD_I/05 4 Resistance Officer, Jason 2 Ronzo Resistance
TD_I/06 2 Ronzo Ranger, Adrian 2 Ronzo Resistance
TD_I/07 1 Ronzo Recruiter, Paul 2 Ronzo Resistance
TD_I/08 4 Town Watch 1 Ronzo Resistance
TD_I/09 4 Resistance Activist 1 Ronzo Resistance
TD_I/10 2 Second-in-command, Joshua 1 Ronzo Resistance
TD_I/11 2 Ronzo Quartermaster, Erica 1 Ronzo Resistance
TD_I/12 3 Ronzo Archer, Hyoka 1 Ronzo Resistance
TD_I/13 1 Ronzo Scout 0 Ronzo Resistance
TD_I/14 4 Ronzo Saboteur, Shawr 0 Ronzo Resistance Critical
TD_I/15 4 Village Blacksmith, Weis 0 Ronzo Resistance Draw
TD_I/16 4 Town Crier of the Resistance, Abel 0 Ronzo Resistance Stand
TD_I/17 4 Village Healer, Sylvia 0 Ronzo Resistance Heal

Grade Breakdown:Edit

Grade 0: Grade 1: Grade 2: Grade 3
17 15 11 7

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