Unison RideEdit

I read a fan fic on and found the concept interesting so I decided to post it here. A unison ride is a term for riding a vanguard that can only be ridden by sending specidic units to the soul.

Dark Irregulars Edit

Blade Wing of the Abyss G3Edit

Power: 11000

'Cont: This unit can not be normally ridden during your ride phase.'

'Auto Hand: At the start of your ride phase move "Blade Wing Reijy" and "Dark Lord of Abyss" from your rearguard to your soul and ride this unit. If you rode, you can't normal ride during your ride phase .'

'Act (V):[Limit Break 5][Counterblast 3][Soul charge 3], and this unit +1000 power for each "Dark Irregular" in your soul until the end of your turn. If the number of cards in your soul is 15 or greater when you pay the cost, this unit gains +2 critical.'

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