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Akisora Yuki

Yuki Akisora
秋空 唯
(Akisora Yui)
Blood Queen (血の王, Chi no Joō)

Appear in
Cardfight Vanguard W Episode 1 / Chapter 1
Birthdate November 11
Gender 18px-Gender Female.svg Female
Age 18
Height 161 cm
Weight 54 kg
Species Human
Blood Type B+
Relatives Yuki Akisora (Half-brother)
Yurei Akisora (Half-brother)
Yuri Akisora (Sister)
Ability Psyqualia
Skill Karate
Classification Duelist
Team Aeon (Regular Team)
Archangel (Academy Team)
Occupation Princess of Roran
Country Roran
Family Name Akisora
Academy Details
Academy Supreme Royal Academy (West)
Sport/Club/Society Volleyball
Karate Club
Mythology Society
Dueling Details
Deck Blood Angel
Avatar Blood Princess, Akasha
World Rank 44
Duelist Level ★★★★★★★ (Diamond)
Academy Record Regional Champion (x6)
Interhigh Champion (x5)
Other Record Vanguard World League Champion (x1)

Yui Akisora (秋空 唯, Akisora Yui) is a Seven Star, Diamond Ranked Duelist born in Roran. She is one of the princess in the country, numbering at fifth amidst her siblings.


Yui has a long black smooth hair which is tied as a ponytail and possesses a pair of elegant blue eyes. She has a remarkable slim body but her adequate height was always blamed by the men as a prevention for her from being the most beautiful woman in the country. She is usually seen wearing a set of attire made with a simple thin outer garment, a white inner garment and a long skirt which reaches the ground with ease when she is standing.

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