The Yukimaru Clan is an ancient group of ninjas that once roamed the lands of the ancient Japan during the Edo Period. They are once a big & famous clan but after the arrival of Oda Nobunaga, their numbers diminished by an unknown cause & the rest of the survivers went into hiding.

Their migration to Russia began soon after World War II since the art of ninjutsu can no longer exist as a real thing in Japan. What are the events that occured during their hiding until World War II & migration is unknown but Beloy Yukimaru, the son of the 24th Cheif of the clan says that his ancestors went through "a lot of tears & little smiles".

Yuki no ShiroganeEdit

This is a team that represents the clan in the Cardfight!! Vanguard Royale Grand Prix. It represents one of the International Representatives Teams since the teams represents Russia in the Tournament. The goal of the foundation of the team & participation in the grand tournament is to ensure that the clan can be known to all once again.

Main MembersEdit

Beloy YukimaruEdit

The leader of the team & the future 25th Cheif of the Yukimaru Clan. He is the owner of great Vanguard skills & PSY Qualia but his laziness covers that all up. He always throws his leader jobs to his aid & cousin, Laguna Yukimaru.

Laguna YukimaruEdit

Beloy's aid & the passionate vice-captain of the team. Take care most of the captain jobs since the leader is a sloth. But even so, she shows skills that is worthy of the position in the team.

Several Yukimaru NinjasEdit

Elites that the 24th Cheif of the Yukimaru Clan sends to assists his unreliable-looking son. So far, there are three shown:

  • Alisia Yukimaru
    • An over-positive & happy-go-lucky lady that is older than Laguna. Oftenly says "Nevermind that" & got punchlined by Laguna as a result.
  • Kholod Yukimaru
    • A teen boy who has a cold personality & seldom talks. He always looked serious whenever he goes & respect those who can defeat him.
  • Morit Yukimaru
    • A small boy who is always shy, nervous & have lack of self-confidence. He has a split personality, which the other one is an overly energetic & over-confident brat.

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